Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are icon based application that we download from an app store such as Google Play or Apple iTunes App Store. These applications provide varying level of content; often they will use the internet connection to access data on a remote server.

Mobile App Considerations

Load Time

Long load time for an app can easily cause a user to be dissuaded to use your application. This is an important factor; so no matter how important and compelling the content is, if it takes time to surface then people may avoid using it.

Value Addition

An app must create some value to the user and not just be another icon. If the app isn't used, then likely it will be deleted sooner or later. How long an app is anticipated to be used should be a design consideration as well.

User experience

An app should look beautiful. It's important. However, it's more important at some places than other. A beautiful looking app can compel more users to download the app, then how it navigates, what impression it leaves, fun factor it generates are among various factors that also need to be thought about.