Our work at a glance!

Habit Check is our foremost work. It is web app (habitcheck.com) as well it is available at an app at Google Play and Apple's App Store..

HabitCheck.com: A Case Study

Federated Logins

Habitcheck.com features Facebook and Google Sign ins. Using these, the end-user is not burdened with having to create additional passwords. Federated security provision is a common practice these days; it promotes greater enrollment and account creation.

Firebase Database

The backend database used for this website is Google's premier Firebase system. This provides a clean and secure way for authentication, cloud functions, hosting and comes with an SSL installed. 

Cloud Functions

Since this website also serves with some common functionality for the mobile app, it hosts cloud functions as well. This means that the common business functionality, such as welcome email, database event triggers, etc. are all handled centrally at one location.

Google Play

Habit Check is available as free download on Google Play. Just scan the QR code above from an android based device.

Habit Check

This is the apps logo. It has all those features that are available on it's counterpart website www.habitcheck.com